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June 24th, 2008
01:26 pm


The End of an Era - Moving Day
OK, so I started with LiveJournal because that's what the Urchin used and I soon knew a bunch of folks who also used it.  But its very hard to post photos to LiveJournal, its - well - a journal.  So I've changed blogs.  I can now be found on:


So cruise on over.

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December 5th, 2007
02:11 pm


'Tis the Season
It has been a busy summer - Kat came back from Japan at the end of May and life is what happened.  Various plans didn't come off as intended, but things are finally moving alone nicely now.  She's working in the Leesburg area and sharing an apartment with a friend there.  Her horse is still boarded near Fredericksburg but he and Louise should be near me in Orange county by the new year.  The absurdity of working an extra shift every week at my work as abated although I'm still working some overtime.  At least DOC finally re-evaluated the pay scale and gave us all a hefty raise this November.  So now I've actually got more buying power than when I started.  Previous years saw gas costs alone taking any increase I received.  It sure makes the job easier to face when it provides a self supporting income.

Thanksgiving proper saw both Kat and I working but I was able to visit my friend Jane down in Lynchburg for the weekend following T-bird day.  It was too cold and windy to go shooting at the Izzac Walton League so we just stayed at her place and puttering around with our laptops, ipods and PDA's.  She had some really cool programs for my PalmOne.  No turkey was harmed during this time but some very good venison sausage was consumed with gusto.  All too soon it was time to head home - time with friends is never long enough.

Yesterday Kat and I celebrated St. Nicholas Day early.  She picked me up here, then we went to Fredericksburg to check on Irish, do some shopping at the Burlington Coat Factory and have dinner together.  It was a wonderful day of just being silly with my kid.  It too ended all too soon, although with about of half on inch of snow here now I'm glad her work schedule required her to go back to her place last night.

Winter has settled in here quietly this year.  The woods are now bare of leaves except for the oaks who will rattle their leaves in the wind's face until they bud out in the spring.  The summer birds are gone and the pine siskins, cardinals and juncos are much in evidence.  My maple tree out front provided any unusually beautiful color display this year before a hard wind knocked the leaves all off in less than a day.  The colder weather is keeping me home more although I do have some hunting days planned.  So the sewing projects and house fix-its are getting the bulk of my attention now.  I'm off work for New Year's Eve and hope to come up to the DC area for a Rathbone party if they are having one. 

May All and Sundry Have a Wonderful December

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April 25th, 2007
02:21 pm


The Reader's Digest Blog
I really don't have the energy for a blog session right now.  The roof is patched, the gutter back in place & more or less functional, the lawn mowed and 2 new tires installed on the Blazer.  I attended Reema Samaha's funeral on Monday, driving there straight from work.  I'll try to remedy the brevity of this entry Friday.  Right now I just want to sit in my backyard with my dogs. 

FYI  I will be doing a Living History presentation at Middlebrook Virginia's History Festival on May 12th.

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April 16th, 2007
04:54 pm


VA Tech Attacks
I have just learned of the Va Tech murders. Tatiana's son Jeremy from my current parish heard some of the shots but wasn't himself injured. Reema Samaha from my previous parish was one of the slain. I remember her as a shy girl with a wonderful smile. Memory Eternal.

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01:26 pm


May You Live in Interesting Times
I got up Monday to the picture below. State Farm gave me an initial quote over the phone, the final quote will be done once the tree is down and out of the way. Took me almost 6 hours to get it cut down. Almost 20 feet of gutter and fascia are pretty beat up. There are two holes in the roof proper, one is about 2 inches in diameter, the other about 2.5 inches in diameter. My little silver trailer in under it all but was undamaged, the window isn't broken either. So now I've got a whole bunch of white pine down in my yard. I figure it will take me until at least July to get it all cut up.


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April 15th, 2007
01:14 pm


Spring It Is A Coming In !
Friday I got fresh gas & oil in the mower plus I changed the spark plug. It took a bit but I finally got the mower running right and got all but a narrow strip of the backyard done before dark. Tina stopped by for dinner. The forsythia are loosing their blooms and turning green, it will soon be time to trim them. The lower story of the woods is turning green, although there aren't any fiddle head ferns yet and the trees are budding out. Soon I will be able to have evening fires in my yard again. I also brushed the horses today, Louise in particular had lots of winter hair to brush out. It was too cool and windy to ride her today, but soon, very soon.

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April 10th, 2007
12:59 pm


Loose Ends - But Alls Well That Ends Well
OK, so today I had to go to work and do a semi-annual firearms qualification. Much as I enjoy target shooting I would like my qualification shooting much better if it didn't take up one of my day's off. All went well, I qualified with no problem. Then it was off to the Quick Lane, my truck's new radiator seemed to be leaking. The transmission cooler fittings hadn't sealed properly and it took about 1.5 hours to get it all squared away. I tried to get the lawn mower going but it won't start so I'll need to do a tune-up on it so I can get the lawn mowed. A well, I've a weekend coming on.

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April 9th, 2007
12:54 pm


Christ is Risen - Risen Indeed !
OK, I have been very busy the last week.  March 30 was Lazarus Saturday complete with a baptism, then Palm Sunday with palms and pussy willows to carry home.  The Russian churches bless pussy willows on Palm Sunday, palms being in rather short supply in Mother Russia.  Monday I got the house cleaned, did the laundry, paid bills, etc. to get ready for the rest of the week.  Tuesday I took the Blazer in for a new radiator and Wednesday morning I met the farrier and helped get Irish's and Louise's hooves trimmed.   So I didn't exactly get much extra rest rest to get ready for the Annual Orthodox Singer's Marathon of Holy Week.  And it was rest I needed since I had woken up on Lazarus Saturday with a nasty head cold.  It stayed with me for all of Holy Week too, so while I could sing mostly every once in awhile I'd open my mouth and get nothing but a squeak.  Very frustrating.  Yet all in all the week went nicely, I stayed with my friends Nick & Catherine Wednesday and Friday nights, which made for 4 hours less driving to and fro - and a much less gas to buy for the Blazer.  My cheese pascha came out very nicely this year, the ethnic Russians at my parish praised it highly, so  it was a very good year.  I worked Sunday the 8th night, now I've got some time to get caught up on outside yard work.  The lawn in particular needs cutting.  Christ is Risen, Risen Indeed !

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March 26th, 2007
02:02 pm


Olde Virginia Primative Riflemen Rendezvous
Spring is in the Air - it Time to Rendezvous ! So Wednesday I got everything packed up to go and Thursday morning found me heading off to the tidewater area of Virginia for the OVPR Spring Rendezvous. My friend Jane was already set up when I got there and we had a wonderful day of it all, had glorious clam chowder for dinner and then sang around the campfire until it got too chilly to do that any more. Thursdays at rendezvous are usually kinda quiet with folks getting set up and just unwinding from whatever they do back home.

Friday Jane had to go into Richmond, her oldest daughter Stacy was having surgery to fix a skiing injury. It went well and Stacy is in pain but otherwise doing well. I visited here and there around the camps, finished a song I'd been working on, and generally enjoyed the wonderful weather. Friday night found me at Dulcimer Dave's camp for the singing which was excellent as usual.

Saturday Jane came back since Stacy's fellow was there to care for her. We wandered around camp some more, sat and played music, and generally did the 'Vous thing. Of course we dressed in our finest for the Sat Ladies Tea and drank "The Special Stuff", which is the non-alcoholic sodas and fruit juices for those who do not care for alcohol or are too young for it. Saturday night found Jane & I at Dave's lodge again for another night of good music.

Sunday came all too soon. I packed up and hit the road by noon, was home by 3:30pm. I'd sold a fair amount of the plunder I'd taken off my trade blanket, even traded a haversack for a powder flask. All in all it was a great weekend.

Monday & Tuesday my friend Jane was working in the Charlottesville area so she stayed at my place. What a wonderful way to extend the weekend ! I took her to Ivy Creek for a hike, now that natural area is on her blog. We saw turtles, geese, a mysterious swimming thing, a rabbit or two, song birds in quantity, squirrels and even a few butterflies. We took a trail I hadn't hiked in quite a while, one that runs out a point that juts into the river. Jane's new work schedule means we don't see each other as much as we were, so this extra 2 days was a wonderful gift.

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March 19th, 2007
02:59 pm


Sometimes You Just Get the Blahs
This was one of those work breaks where my good intentions kinda fell by the wayside. Friday was just fine, Tina, her sister Sonja and I went to Outback Steak House for dinner and then hit the mall and Barnes & Nobles for some serious browsing. A good time was had by all and we didn't spend hardly any money. I bought a pair of jeans & a magazine, Tina and Sonja got something at the bookstore and we laughed a lot at various fashions, particularly the ones that make a scarf and a sneeze seem like overdressing.

Saturday I picked up Skiditty from the vet, he now has his shots and has been neutered. Then I got the dishes and kitchen counters cleaned up, did the laundry, did the paycheck bill paying thing and figured out what to pay off with my Federal Tax refund. Did grocery shopping too, the pantry was getting very empty. Then I just sorta blew off the rest of the day, no sewing,cleaning or fund raising work. Took a nice walk in the woods and read a book. So much for catching up on my projects.

Sunday evening I got together with Tina again (Sonja had left that morning to go back to college), Tina got a decent entry pair of roller blades at Target and we went to the local park to try them out. The skates are fine, but the best part of the park was the beaver. Yup, right across the small creek there was a good sized beaver snacking on some twig-ish things. It was dark enough that it wasn't real easy to see but it the first time either of us have seem an out-of-water beaver in the wild. All I'd ever seem before was a nose and V-wake in the water. It was way cool.

So I've got cleaning to do and pistols to clean so I can sell them plus packing for the OVPR all left for this coming Wednesday afternoon & evening. Oh well, at least I'm well rested and as ready as I ever am for 2 days of work.

Oh, I hope you all had a nice St. Paddy's Day with good music of some sort.

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